Here are some warnings and tips to help you avoid problems during your visit to Hanoi

How to avoid scams transports: We recommend guests to use our transportation for travel stress-free. There are reasons as follows:

  • Communication can be a barrier
  • Unauthentic airport taxi can manipulate guests by offering cheap price then drop off to different hotel or random place.
  • Claiming extra toll fees on the way is bad practice from scam taxi
  • Please make sure you are fully equipped with our contact details upon arrival: our hotline: +8424 38 239 888. Our website: . Email address:

Make sure you have enough information about Vietnam before arrival: There are few sources we recommend you to look out for before arrival included travel blogs, travel website, TripAdvisor. We provide 24hrs guests assistance therefore please feel free to drop us an email

Best ways to get to hotel from airport and train station: safest way is by our transportation service @ $25USD per way per car or alternatively by an authorized taxi company. They tend to be outside of arrival hall. If you are arriving Noi Bai airport at terminal 2, the taxi stand is outside arrival on the left hand side. If you are taking airport taxi, you are about to pay $16USD-$19USD depends on brands and that is the final amount in which you don’t have to pay any airport taxi toll fee.

Don’t get confused by Vietnamese Dong notes: biggest note is being used nowadays is 500,000VND and smallest one is 1,000VND (limited usage). Please double check notes upon receiving or paying out

Stay safe & stay happy: protect your belongings when walking around especially night time. Although old quarter is safe however please be extra careful. Alternatively, you can deposit your valuable items in guest room’s safe as well as one at reception.

Be aware of street vendors: Not exact word “scam” to describe but be aware of street fruit vendor, they might ask you to carry the baskets then push you o buy their fruits at way too high price. Stay smart and pay a right price per small pouch of fruit around $3USD

Booking tours and transportation: choose wisely where to go to book services when you are in town. We recommend you to purchase through our Front Office for satisfaction guarantee. Pre-arrival, you can do some research about reputable agents in town for quality service

Traffic & weather: 4 seasons don’t really decrease the traffic madness. Learn to cross the road by going slowly and most importantly DON’T RUN. The North has 4 seasons which is best to visit before Xmas when it is dry and cool. The South has 2 seasons that is rainy and damped all time hence an umbrella is very handy